The CAAC ATPL preparation guide

The CAAC ATPL theory test will be done at different locations in China.

Bring your passport and your EASA or ICAO ATPL with you. Ask for a copy of the result after the test.

The preparation:

You will get the necessary manuals for the exam

We can send you some dropbox informations with the question bank of the Feizhiyi program but there are as well othe rprograms on the market, which you could downloud on your phone or tablet for a better training.

Study these manuals:

  1. CAAC Theory course)
  2. Civil Aviation Law of China”
  3. “Summary CAAC Law”

The Test:

Strict observation by video camera, no cheating possible, different selection of questions for each participant. One piece of paper, 1 ruler and 1 rubber provided by CAAC employees (very friendly, very strict), a window calculator is available on the computer, no personal belongings allowed.

Once the test started you are not allowed to leave your seat, not even to go to the restroom.

100 multiple-choice questions to click with a color coding:

Yellow – not answered yet

Green – answered already

Red- not sure, therefor marked by participant

At the moment you press the FINISH BUTTON on the screen the test is finished and you will get the result immediately.

60 % of the questions were familiar to us another 25-30 % could be learned during the suggested preparations. For the remaining 10-15  % you need some luck (some say commonsense)


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