We started our business with Asia in 2006, first only in China with China Eastern. From 2008 on we established our next contacts with different other airlines.

Due to the great cultural difference between Western thinking people to Eastern thinking one it is, especially at the beginning, very hard for a European pilot to assimilate himself in China. We opened our agency to assist the pilots from the very beginning, from doing the decision for a move and as well for their whole time in China.

  • We can offer a good training-program for the initial ATPL exam and our success-rate on this Screening hurdle is rather high.
  • We can also assist on a pre-medical check in Europe to send only those pilots with a very good outlook to pass the CAAC Medical to China.
  • Additionally we can offer a Simulator-program in different Simulator training-center´s in Europe to train the pilot for this screening.

As GAC was able to get a good reputation in China we opened collaborations with other agencies as well, who are available to assist our pilot candidate in the best possible way.
Our main office is in Vienna, Austria and we can use the offices of our partner agencies here in Europe as well. For the better assistance of our pilots during the sometimes lengthy and very different screening process in China we can use as well the manpower from the different airlines and from two Asian agencies situated in Hong Kong and Taiwan.



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