Tiānjīn Shì Tianjin 天津市

Tianjin is the sixth largest city in China, and is populated by 12 million people. It is located 137 kilometers away from Beijing. By train it takes only 30 minutes to travel to the Capital of China. It is usually hot and sometimes rainy in summer, and in winter it is cool, dry and windy. The average temperature in January is about -4°C increasing to 26°C in July. It has the largest man-made port in China. It has lots of European influenced villas due to the concession history during the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, Tianjin is gradually developing into an eco-friendly city.

Tianjin cuisine places a heavy focus on seafood, due to Tianjin's proximity to the sea. Food shouldn't be a problem in China. You will easy find out different foods and the one you like.

Shopping is fine, but less convenience stores than Shanghai. Already renowned for its expansive ancient culture street (天津古文化街), Tianjin in recent years also has become one of China's best modern shopping cities as well, with huge malls and international brands lining the shopping streets of Heping Lu, Nanjing Lu and Dongma Lu.

Less people speaking English in Tianjin than Beijing & Shanghai, this might be a bit inconvenient. But people there are nice and quiet warm hearted. The city is not that indifferent as the other big cities. However the cost of living in Tianjin is much lower than in the main capitals.

Further, Tianjin local people have the lower pressure and more satisfaction. And one good thing more, there are more churches, temples, mosques, other religious places open in the city than in the capital,

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